The Patronage of Contemporary Art A.C. Is a non-profit organization founded in June 2000 by an independent group of professionals and media specialists, dedicated to supporting curatorial, editorial, critical and training projects to contribute to the development and promotion of artistic production in Mexico .

The PAC has sought to create a link to bring society closer to contemporary artistic manifestations in order to promote, support and encourage their active participation. It is thanks to the contributions of corporate and individual employers that the PAC consolidates its programs.

Jarabes San Pedro

We are a company that manufactures concentrates and drinks of the highest quality, with an attitude of service, and continuous improvement of both the technological and human aspects that make up this organization, we develop within ethical, human and business values, thus contributing satisfactorily to the Development of our company, of those who work in it and of the country as a whole. As a company that has the source of its raw materials in nature, we are a socially responsible company that seeks to contribute to the restoration of the environment through actions aimed at health and environmental protection.

Más, por nosotros A.C.

We are an organization that is constituted in order to prevent, mitigate and compensate the environmental and social impact caused by industrial and consumer waste, helping to order and determine their processes.
Our work programs and actions are focused on the generation of an environmental culture aware that respect for natural resources is of vital importance for any culture on the planet.

Cooperativa Crater Invertido

Collective founded in 2011 with headquarters in Mexico City. Consisting of eleven members educated in the Visual Arts and Media, which continuously move a space that functions as a workshop for multidisciplinary projects, as well as forum for various events and exhibition space; We are interested in generating our own narratives, to imagine other versions of the history of the present, to use creativity as a bridge to weave critical and solidarity communities. We seek to make us new imagery by creating flows and cross-links between different media: drawing, printing, radio, writing. Imagine, take and build our symbolic and action media through constant criticism and collective work.


She is an illustrator based in New York and originally from Mexico City, where she studied Graphic Design and Communication. He specialized in illustration, character design, visual narrative and toy design.

The illustrations of XospaTronik are often inspired by its indigenous cultural heritage and the Popular Mexican Graphic mixed with pop art. As a member of an indigenous culture, he has a great respect for nature and its conservation.


FUNHI: The Integral Human Foundation promotes and disseminates contemporary artistic practices. Since 2007 has promoted: exhibitions, workshops, calls. They are dedicated to the promotion and diffusion of Contemporary Art and develop activities in different places, with the support of public and private entities.


The web site is part of the exhibition "Conquering and building the common" by Andreja Kulunčić and the participating organizations at the University Museum of Contemporary Art (MUAC), Mexico City November 27, 2013 - February 2, 2014..