The Reading Club "Fernando Benitez, The good road”, has been for the last 18 years, a space committed to promoting cultural values by fomenting the habit of reading amongst children in Atocpan. The club works on voluntary terms and mixes leisure and learning Participants have access to books, and workshops while promoting an alternative social circle of friends and education that translates into a desire to learn more, better social skills and mutual understanding.

Work at the reading club is orientated to the promotion of local cultural values and an ethic for respect of mother nature by fomenting a sound reading habit, to the promotion of Mexican indigenous cultural values , and in particular committed to our community Malacachtepec Momoxco, Milpa Alta today. Up to date the reading club has registered over 1500 participants, and has implemented more than 500 workshops, ranging in a number of topics and in multidisciplinary fashion e.g. the arts and the sciences, professionals and farmers while taking care to conduct each activity through readding.

Over the years many professionals from different areas have participated, who recognizing the value of the work by Doña Carmen Rodríguez Meza and the Reading club have kindly collaborated, providing a rich input in the community. Many of our activities have involved working with areas as divers as: the Sciences, Natural history, Archaeology, History, Art history, Robotic workshops and the Arts, as well as the promotion of the local Nahuatl language. Up to date we have collaborated with many institutions, educational and institutional: UNAM, INAH, CIESAS, CDI, UAM and the administrative offices of Milpa Alta and Xochimilco.