Residencias Artisticas

Tlacuilcalco: Casa del artista
Tlacuilo,"Artista" = Tlacuil
Calli, "Casa" = cal
Comitl, "olla" = co

General Objective

The implementation of an art residency based in an exchange of skills and work practices by national and international artists, whose work is based on a practice that seeks and promotes the understanding and respect for the environment. We particularly encourage the participation of Native artist from Mexico and the continent.

Our residency scheme also actively seeks further work links with other disciplines from the arts and the sciences.

Calpulli Tecalco has from the start given art a central role, for art led activities with the participants of the "reading club", as a forum for promotion, and diffusion of the NGO’s work, and as platform for the research of a different artistic aesthetic.

An aesthetic able to embrace current dilemmas of land use and conservation, together with ancient views of land, man and nature inscribed in the Nahuatl language and the old character of the community.

To date, other collaborations have included: Biologist, Linguists, Architects and Archaeologist and with a number of institutions such as: UNAM, UAM, CIESAS, CD and local government amongst others.

Past Activities

Last 2016 began of our residency proper, Seneca-Cayuga-Cherokee Artist Jamison Chas Banks spent a one month residency last summer, our first Native American artist guest is Art Professor at Adjunct Faculty of printmaking, Institute of American Indian Arts, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

A number of trips were organised to places of Mexican indigenous cultural interest, around Milpa Alta and around Oaxaca, to museums, and to places of historic and archaeological importance. We organized a printing workshop were participants had a brief introduction to the Indigenous community around Santa Fe, Nuevo Mexico; special interest was given to food, and to discover that maize corn and its multiplicity of culinary transformations are so close to our own, the way it is cooked together with Calabasas and beans, it felt like finding a brother.

Our residency aspires to bring together different native communities, not only to have an exchange of personal and communal quest in the practice of art, but equally important, to have a personal insight and to acquire a sense of contact with other Native communities in Mexico and abroad.

Last April 2014, Calpulli Tecalco AC successfully inaugurated its residency program in partnership with Galería Metropolitana and in collaboration with international artist Malachi Farrell (Irish) and Fernando Palma Rodriguez (Calpulli Tecalco AC, member). The result of such work “Coyotl huan Occecoyotl” was exhibited at Galería Metropolitana 04 to 07 2014.